Tori (2006)

Short Film (16 min), 35 mm

Positions: Co-Writer, Art Director

Tori tells the story of a Japanese immigrant family in Brazil through the eyes of an eight-year-old girl, based on a true story.

I participated in the screenwriting along with the directors Quelany Vicente and Andrea Simão.

This Screenplay was awarded Best Short Film Screenplay in the Vitória Cine e Vídeo 2007 Festival.

As the art director, I made sure the vision of the directors translated through the sets and objects.

The overall style for the art of Tori is heavily inspired by Japanese medieval art, using neutral earthy tones as a base (for walls indoors, for example) contrasting with a few very dark black details, as if imitating sumi-e strokes. All this dressed with subtle tones of pink an green and a few bright reds and blues.

Example of japanese medieval painting

Some images from Tori:

Tori won several awards in Brazil, including Best Short Film in Curta Cinema Short Films International Festival in Rio de Janeiro in 2007, one of the most renowned short film festivals in the world.

I also designed the poster for the film:


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