O Homem Que Não Era Francês (The Man Who Wasn’t French, 2007)

Short Film (16 min), Digital

Positions: Writer, Director, Animator

Watch it here

My conclusion project for Film School. It’s a nonsense comedy as a practical application of the concepts I studied in a paper on farse and Monty Python.

This project was challenging from beginning to end. The screenplay was a nonsensical farse, and yet it had to make sense in itself. Directing comedy is, as I learned, something extremely difficult and full of subtleties. But the post-production process was especially difficult.

The initial idea was to do the entire film in live action, using some kind of puppet for the head of the main character. But constructing the moose head would be too expensive and I didn’t think I could achieve the acting I wanted from it. So I decided to go with CG, something I was already comfortable with, although I knew it would be a tough challenge.

I did all the texturing, rigging, animation and most of the FX composing. There was no motion capture system involved, it was all done by hand.

This project taught me a lot about writing, directing and special effects, and specially about facial animation.

I also designed the poster on the top.


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