Operation Cosmos (2009)


Positions: Writer, Cutscenes Director/Animator/Compositor/Editor, Artist


Operation Cosmos (Operação Cosmos) is an edutainment click-and-point adventure title. You play the role of Eco Luz, a young space cadet who finds himself wrapped up in a crisis involving some ancient alien artifacts and an evil interplanetary corporation.

When I joined the art team, the project was already about one year in. There was a short demo version and a few Flash cutscenes, but it was all very crude and they wanted to polish the whole concept for the final game. My first task in the project was as a writer. I had the chance to suggest changes to the overall story arch, which was still very crude at the time, and  many of them ended up in the final product. I also wrote much of the dialogs and interactions. As a writer, I think I managed to help streamlining the story and adding some more charisma to the characters.

In the art department, one of the things I suggested was making the cutscenes in 3D. The Flash animation process seemed to me very slow and didn’t quite achieve the feeling the client was after. The client agreed and we started production. I directed, composed and edited all of the cutscenes, and did most of the facial animation (something I had practiced extensively in my short film The Man Who Wasn’t French).

I also got to redesign some of the characters and objects – like Eco himself (just small changes and a new more detailed version for the cutscenes), and his ship, the PanAço – and design some characters and scenes from scratch.

Concept for Eco Luz. Experimenting with a different style, that didn’t take off. The minor suit design changes, on the other hand, ended up in the final game

Character concept for Bronzius

Early design for the PanAço ship, by the game's art director, Olavo Ekman.

Concepts for a new PanAço, by me. The colored one ended up in the final game.


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