Avalon (2009)

PC Downloadable

Position: Writer, Art Director, Cutscene Director/Animator, Level Designer


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Avalon is a casual strategy game about a magical island from where fairies come from. As the story goes, fairies left the island of Avalon a long time ago to come to the “real plane”. Without them, Avalon slowly lost its magic, and the four guardians of the elements (earth, air, water and fire) separeted themselves and fell into a deep sleep. As the fairy queen, you finally manage to lead the fairies back to Avalon, and now need to find each of the four guardians and awake them so they can meet again in the Pantheon at the center of the island to restore its magic.

Each stage is themed around an element. In each one you must do some tasks in order to find and wake the guardian asleep there.

In Avalon I worked along with one more Art Director. He worked on the pre-production phase and did most of the creation and concept design work. I worked on the production itself, and it involved not only managing a team of five artists and making sure the look of the game was tight and followed the concepts, but also interpreting those concepts and coming up with solutions to make the look work ingame.

We wanted a magical, immersive feel for the game, to transport the player into an enchanting new world. And all this in 2d levels in which you see the fairies and the environment sideways, not top-down as most strategy games. We chose this view because we felt that the top-down view would feel too earthbound. We were trying to transmit the freedom and etherealness of the fairy world, and a side view could show the depth of the scenery and the freedom of the fairies’ vertical movement.

To give a more immersive sense of space and depth, the scenery was composed in four layers: two background layers, the gameplay layer itself, and a foreground layer. These layers scrolled in different speeds for a parallax effect. The palettes of each layer helped create the feeling of a deep, mystical place.

I also designed some of the screens from scratch, like the Main Menu, the Island Map and the Pantheon, and redesigned one of the minigames, since the original design wasn’t working well.

Main Menu

The Island Map

The Pantheon
Choir Minigame

Directing and animating the cutscenes, I tried to maintain the magical feel of the game, adding some epic grandious feeling to each of them, since they represent the conclusion of each level. I also tried to keep them simple and brief to fit our budget and also not to interfere a lot with the pacing of the game. The intro and end cutscenes were a little longer and had some text, but kept the simple yet engaging style of the others.

Cutscene for the first level

I got to do some level design in this project. We ran into some problems with the original level design for the last two levels. As the original game designer of the game was already occupied with another project, another game designer and myself had to redesign those levels. I redesigned the fire level (the final one) as a whole and part of the water level.

scene from the water level

Scene from the fire level


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